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Top Business Tips to Overcome Times of Struggle – Nikki Turner, The Holistic Strategy Coach

How are you? No really, how are you doing?

When Saturn went conjunct Pluto at the beginning of the year I knew SOMETHING was going to SHIFT! Not only that, I had an intense feeling that 2020 would be a year like no other! Did I envisage a virus that turns into a world-wide pandemic with schools and businesses being shut down and we are told to stay in our house for weeks if not months on end? Eh, no – my psychic powers let me down on that one lol

As Holistic Business owners I want to share with you all what I see as – THE BIGGER PICTURE and a way we can navigate these times.

I KNOW that we were made for these times. In fact, these ARE the times we have been called for.

At the start of this year (as I do every year) I pulled an Anam Cara (Soul Friend) card for the year and I was gifted the archetype TIME TRAVELLER – bit like Dr Who showing up in your life.  I laughed at first as I didn’t really know what working with them would look like – well now I bloody do! What is the message here:


  • All those therapies and healing modalities you have been learning – they are needed NOW!
  • That calling to be of service to humanity – it’s needed NOW!
  • The calling to be of service to Gaia, our Mother Earth – it’s needed NOW!
  • That medicine bag you have been filling with coping mechanisms, self discovery, self care practices, rituals and spells – SERIOUSLY ALL THAT – IT’S NEEDED NOW!

I know you are frightened and overwhelmed – hey you’re human, in fact it’s perfectly ok to feel ALL those feelings. I know I have been!

We are seeing mass fear – stock piling which is leaving the most vulnerable and those able to help us, without food. People in denial about the situation and behaving like they are on holiday. Stress about finances. Businesses disappearing overnight. The list goes on and on…

One thing that All of these people need is what YOU have in your medicine bag – not only that, YOU need what you have in your medicine bag.

I have been in self isolation for the past 2 weeks. I have diabetes due to endometriosis so have been advised to stay in – that meant my 18 year old daughter moving out so I wasn’t at risk (so much mum guilt, heart ache around that!), not seeing my eldest daughter who is 22 and removing my son out of school, along with my husband being unable to work outwith our home as not to get infected and pass it on – I know I’m not the only one in this situation and let me tell you – I have needed to dig DEEP into my medicine bag these last weeks to navigate through ALL the fears that have arisen.

It’s why I am able to write this blog now and not a week ago.

So, let me share with you my TOP BUSINESS TIPS on what you CAN do for your business.

Radical Self care

Please, Please, Please do not miss this one! It is imperative for you to fill your cup up. As I have said before these are the most unprecedented and overwhelming times many of us have experienced in a lifetime. Do what you need to do to connect back into your inner peace and calm.  Here are some of the things I have done:

  • Self monitor Media –Only log into the ‘news’ from a source that gives facts and not fear, once a day.
  • Sleep– I have slept in, had early nights, napped. Letting my body rest during times of stress is key.
  • Meditate– It’s so easy for us to connect into the fear thoughts, meditation allows you to focus on something that aligns you with peace (this could be your breath, a guided visualisation, watching the flame of a candle).
  • Cry– Sometimes you just need your emotions to be released. I have cried over not seeing my kids, my daughter having to move out, what we will do as a family financially, not seeing my parents and grandparents… the list goes on…
  • Journal– This helps with all the crying… a space to just put down all your un-edited thoughts and an opportunity to release those that feel are blocking you (so I wasn’t crying ALL day long I did this in the morning – I found once this practise was done I was released from the deep upset throughout the day.)
  • Herbal remedies– I researched the herbal remedies that would help boost my immune system as well as my lung health.
  • Helping others– whenever I felt fear grip me I would help someone – whether that be a quick message or a planned out course to help businesses.
  • Self Isolate– Before we were told to I knew instinctively the best course of action was prevention I cancelled all my courses, networking, basically any in person work. I spoke to family members and friends about my intentions. I created a list of all the things I could do during this time – I stayed in! Other than walking my dog every other day in my local forests which were TRULY isolated ie no other people around.

Do your Income and Expenditure

Even if you feel you don’t want to look at your income because it feels non-existent this is an important one to do.
As far as your expenses are concerned follow the 3 R’s:

  • What expenses can you Remove?
  • What expenses can you Reduce?
  • What expenses can you Re-Negotiate?

So far I have cancelled things I know I won’t need or don’t give me value. I have gone on cheaper plans where I could and I have contacted banks, credit cards, utilities to see what options are available to me.


You might be in the position where your business can still carry on – that’s fab! If you are not, please don’t freak out! Here’s what you can do instead:

  • Make a list of all your Skills and Abilities (I call this your Medicine Bag)
  • Make a list of all the things you CAN do to earn an income. 
  • Make a list of what you need to do these things (it might be learn a new skill etc)
  • Make a list of all the people you currently know who can help you (from your kids, to parents, to Oprah, to ME!)


There are many of us all in the same boat right now. So, who can you work with to put something together? Perhaps it will be an ecourse, or a webinar, or even a book? Who could you collaborate with to bring in an income? Have 1 product going out to both or all of your networks could be great for you both!

No matter what, know you are not on your own. If you need any further guidance specifically on your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch via [email protected]

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