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Adventures of a New Salon – Amy from Aim High Waxing & Beauty

So, of all the things that people are doing during lockdown, what am I doing? Oh yeah, I’ve been turning an old office into a beauty salon…!

Well, not me personally. Although I did strip all the wallpaper and lining paper off the walls which has definitely not been the highlight of the whole process.

If you’d asked me 9 months ago if I had thought about opening my own salon, chances are I would have said no.
But, as they do, things changed, circumstances changed, and above all… The happiness of my clients and myself had changed so I knew I had to do it.

The first week in January… Back to work after Christmas, and I was already shuffling clients around in my diary so I could begin the process of my new adventure. I literally had NO IDEA what I was doing (still don’t) but I just took it one step at a time.

First step being to find somewhere suitable. With a job like mine, I rely on the loyalty of my clients. At the end of the day, these people are what pays my bills so I needed somewhere within the area that didn’t involve people having to travel much further. So, after a bit of searching online I sourced 9 High Street, Loanhead.

Now, anybody who knows me, knows that when I decide I want something, I want it yesterday.
This was the difficult bit of everything ha!
I wasn’t the only person interested in the shop.
Failure is also never an option for me!
Pretty sure this is where I became the most annoying potential tenant in the history of the world.
I had joiners, electricians, tilers, all sorts of tradesmen in this place, every couple of days it seemed… until I got the quotes which worked for me to be able to afford the refurbishment.
I was asking the landlord sneaky little questions about who else was interested and trying to sell myself as being a better business(…!?) as I would be there long term… Who knows what the hell I was doing, but I couldn’t not get the place!
But, I obviously did so all is fine!

My lease began on the 1st of March.

Work started a few days later and it was exciting to see!
My imagination is pretty useless so I just couldn’t picture what it was all going to look like once it was complete.

Shout out to my joiner Ryan though, he made things pretty easy for me! He was organising all the other tradesmen with the timescales for when they would be needed to do their bit of the job so each time I showed up there would always be good progress.

So along comes 23rd March… I was going up north for a few days as it was my 30th birthday the following day (woop, not) so off we went.
Then of course, on the old birthday morning, we get a phonecall to say that because of big Boris’ announcement we had to go home… boo…

This announcement clearly changed everything.
The whole country came to a stop.
Except, in 9 High Street! 

Everyone will think it sounds bad, but the work hasn’t actually stopped at any point.

The tradesmen I used are all self employed and were all working in the salon alone.

When the announcement came, the plasterer was about half way though plastering the whole place, so obviously he carried on and finished the job. (To an impressively high standard too)

Next in was the tiler. I had ordered my tiles the week before lockdown so that was pretty lucky that they were able to be delivered in time!
Then Ryan was back in, putting on skirtings and facings, building cupboards…
(We don’t even mention the electrician cos he was a big bit of a k**b and nearly majorly screwed up the whole thing at one point.)

So currently, I’ve just had the salon signage put up and I have a decorator in the salon, making it all look pretty.
He is the only one who can’t completely finish the job as paint can’t be colour matched at the moment so my yellow and navy walls have to wait for now.

All in all, if I had even been a week behind schedule, the salon wouldn’t be basically finished at this point.

It obviously hasn’t just been the aesthetic work needing done though. Jobs like phoning my insurance company, the council, the bank, the water company, the electricity company… All these things have taken a lot longer than they usually would have, but lets face it, I’ve had plenty extra time on my hands to do it all!

It is very fortunate that I’ve managed to achieve this all right now though.
There were other “changes in circumstances” which actually meant I had to work from home during March too. Now this isn’t so easy for me, I might work in Midlothian, but I live 25 miles away in Biggar in South Lanarkshire. There were a good few of my clients who came down though, which was great. Didn’t work for everyone though so there’s a lot of my clients who I haven’t seen since February! (sad face )
I just want to go back to work now!! *huffs like a stroppy teenager*

And lets just top it off by saying, if I wasn’t creating a salon during lockdown, chances are I would have faced the end of my career…! Ahahaha, like I said earlier, failure is not an option for me! ?

Lots of love,
Amy x
“Salon owner” (lol) @ Aim High Waxing & Beauty

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